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How did die cutting end up here?

At this time, nearly three out of every five die cutting presses are damaged in transit, or have faulty components before they are even put into operation. Click here to learn how we got here.

The history of die cutting

Are you ready for a history lesson? Learn about who invented the equipment that keeps you in business! 

Automation in die cutting

Many contract cutters and manufacturers are beginning to think about robots and other forms of automation. Here’s some tips for getting started.

Tips for shipping top-heavy machines

Most companies won’t touch shipping with a forty-foot-poll. Nearly 40% of machines sent through normal LTL carriers arrive with some form of serious damage. Find out how to avoid the hassle with some of our shipping guidelines.

Chinese presses vs American presses

Is there really a serious difference between “Made in China” and “Made in the USA”? Click here for a side-by-side comparison.

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