Industry news, advancements, and automation in die-cutting

How did die cutting end up here?

Have you ever wondered how the die-cutting industry got to the point where nearly 3 out of 5 presses ordered is damaged in transit, has faulty components, or doesn’t match your order’s specs?

The history of die cutting

Here’s a history lesson. Learn about who invented the equipment you use! 

Automation and die cutting

Thinking about robots and other forms of automation for you die-cutting equipment? Here’s some tips for getting started.

Tips for shipping top-heavy machines

Most companies won’t touch shipping with a forty-foot-poll. Nearly 40% of machines sent through normal LTL carriers arrive with some form of serious damage. Find out how to avoid the hassle with some of our shipping guidelines.

Chinese presses vs American presses

Is there really a serious difference between “Made in China” and “Made in the USA”? You bet your britches! Click here for a side-by-side comparison.

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