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At The American Clicker Press Co, we recognize that excellence in die-cutting machinery requires more than just innovation; it demands a relentless pursuit of quality, automation, usability, and maintenance. To meet these exacting standards, we foster a collaborative environment, where we constantly engage with our customers to understand their needs and challenges. By doing so, we are able to tailor our machines, refining and enhancing them to ensure that they not only meet but exceed the highest demands of the industry. 

Whether it’s implementing user-friendly interfaces, designing for efficient maintenance, or integrating advanced automation features, every modification is aimed at delivering a superior product. Our patented, industry-disrupting technology is a testament to our drive, but our commitment doesn’t stop at manufacturing. We stand by our products, offering robust support and assurance, and we stand by our designs, each crafted with a level of precision and integrity that underscores our goal of revitalizing the die-cutting machinery landscape. 

We are unwavering in our dedication to change the course of an industry that has been losing pace with modern technology for almost 3 decades. With a clear focus on machines designed, engineered, and constructed in the U.S.A, we embrace a philosophy where superior products truly start with superior presses.


The American Clicker Press Co was founded in 2017. With $20,000 and some lofty goals for building machines from the ground up in the USA, the founders designed, and built their first machine in a garage. The first few builds indicated that a drastic amount of money would be required to do this right, and that the US-market would need a little more time to prepare itself for US-built prices.

In January of 2019, and with the goal of bringing US-based manufacturing by 2025, the company pivoted to manufacturing in China according to stricter-than-normal standards, providing better components, superior standardization, boots on the ground service, better parts support, better warranties, and superior quality control from the USA. The Company also started providing add-value services for customer safety requirements and certifications, providing those customizations right here in the USA. 



Founder / Managing Member

Joseph Perry is the founder of the American Clicker Press Company. Joseph has had extensive experience in owning and operating small businesses starting with a string of property maintenance, pest control, and construction companies. After a time working for other companies in the die-cutting press and manufacturing industries, Joseph saw a large need for bringing higher-quality die-cutting systems to market with the middle-market price in mind. Careful sourcing of components and boots on the ground in the USA, providing high quality service, were the keys to this plan. With goals to bring manufacturing fully back to the USA by 2025, he wishes to be a leader in bringing newer, smarter technology to the industry and showing other manufacturing companies it is possible to compete with foreign manufacturers if we work smarter.


Owner / Board Member

Burt Matthews was the co-founder and president of Grant Victor, ATMequipment.com, OptConnect, eGlobal and Tetralink. He currently is a major stock holder and board member of these companies. He is also currently a board member of Koins for Kenya, a non-profit organization providing humanitarian services to rural Kenya. Prior to Grant Victor, he built and operated Chevron Gas Stations/Convenient Stores from 1997-2001. From 1989-1997 he worked at American Express with his last job there being a Senior Manager of Financial Analysis. He received the Ernst & Young Utah Region Entrepreneur of The Year Award in 2010 and was listed as one of Utah Business Magazine’s “40 under 40” in 2003. Mr. Matthews received his bachelor’s degree in Accounting from the University of Utah.


Owner / Board Member

James Perry is the founder and Chief Executive Officer of West One Finance, Inc., which is the predecessor to West One Finance, LLC. He served as an Executive Vice President at Continental Bank from July 2013 through July 2015. From July 2010 through July 2013 he was a voluntary mission president for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. He served as a Finance Executive at Summit Leasing, Inc. and as a Credit Analyst & Manager from September 2002 through July 2010. Mr. Perry worked as the Senior Vice President of D.A Davidson from April 1999 through September 2002. He worked for Security Pacific Bank/West One Bank/Key Bank- Vice President and Manager from May 1989 through April 1999.


Owner / Board Member

Philip Merrill is the Vice President and Senior Credit Officer at West One Finance, LLC. Philip has received his BS in Finance as well as his MBA, Business, IT Certificate, from Weber State University. His main business experience has been centered in providing his robust skillset as a financial advisor, helping hundreds of clients with planning services and portfolio management. He has an extensive career in the world of finance, private banking, and lending. 


CTO/Design Engineer

  • Procurement and quality control of new product lines
  • Likes aerospace, speaks Korean


Automation Engineer

  • Design and engineering for current and future products
  •  Likes blacksmithing and tinkering


Sales Manager

  • 14+ Years of customer service and account management experience
  • 8+ Years of sales experience
  • 4+ Years of billing and controller experience
  • Likes Volleyball- a lot


Senior Tech



Junior Tech




  • 6+ years of bookkeeping and accounting experience
  • Expert in QuickBooks and reporting


"Shop Dog"

  • Expert in tennis ball and frisbee retrieval
  • Picky eater, Chill AF


Legacy Founder

  • 15+ years of electrical experience
  • Fabrication and welding

You can trust our team to help your team. We all started somewhere.

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  1. Robert (Bob) Prybutok

    My operations folks will be reaching out for a quote on a 50 ton travelling head press. I am confused on one point, where are the presses manufactured? Is the frame and primary components made in China and then the presses finished in the states? How do you control the quality of the system coming from China? In the past we have had issues with equipment made in China, poor weld quality and controls, so this is an important issue. Thanks in advance for a reply.
    Bob Prybutok, CEO – Polymer Technologies Inc.

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