Warranty Policy

Be sure to review our warranty policy and understand your machine coverage.


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Secure your investment in The American Clicker Press Co’s hydraulic clicker press cutting machines with our streamlined warranty initiation process. Simply use our dedicated warranty initiation form to activate comprehensive protection for your state-of-the-art cutting machine. If a 3rd party contractor was involved in the installation, please include their information in the form. If one wasn’t used, you can leave that section blank.

It’s crucial to note the recent update: As of 04/01/2022, machine warranties must be initiated within 90 days of receipt. If not, the delivery date will be used as the start of the warranty coverage period.

Our hydraulic clicker press cutting machines are designed for excellence, and our warranty reflects our commitment to quality and customer satisfaction. Don’t miss out on this essential protection; fill out the warranty initiation form today and ensure peace of mind for your hydraulic clicker press investment.