If you are ready to upgrade from your Swing Arm Clicker Press, but still have limitations on budget and/or footprint, the Mini Beam Press allows you take the next step with a 30″ square cutting area available in tonnages between 20 & 100 tons. 

The centered cylinder design means you get less overall deflection from the cantilever effect found in Swing Arm Clicker Presses. The machine is equipped with safety light curtains to cover all necessary pinch point areas, an automatic die clamping system for quick exchange of your dies, and intuitive touch-screen controls for easy setup and operation. The Mini Beam Press comes with four different levels of automation including the manual push-table, the automatic shuttling table (and dual automatic shuttling table), the pinch roller fed, and the conveyor fed styles. 


The Manual Mini Beam Press requires the operator to manually place their material and die, manually push the table into place, manually push the operation buttons, and manually pull out the table to retrieve the cut material. 


The Auto-Table Mini Beam Press requires the operator to manually place their material and die, manually push the operation buttons, and then the table automatically shuttles under the head, makes a compression, and automatically shuttles the table back out for the operator to retrieve the cut material. This model mainly reduces the operator fatigue related to pushing and pulling a table manually. It also makes a basic level of registration needed for graphics or trimming applications more plausible. 

The Pinch Roller Mini Beam Press is the cheapest first step into the automated cutting of a rolled material. The pinch rollers mounted on the back of the machine pull material from the roll stand and feeds it through the throat of the machine. The pinch rollers typically work in conjunction with a waste rewinder placed in the front of the machine which keeps constant tension on the material as it is coming through to keep the material properly aligned and free from bunching and folding. This style of machine typically works best with thicker and more rigid substrates. 

The Conveyor Mini Beam Press is a more advanced step into fully automating the cutting of a rolled material or sheets of material. The press can pull material off of a roll and feed it through the throat, similar to the Pinch Roller Mini Beam Press. This press works with substrates of all types and thicknesses because the conveyor advances with the waste material as well as the cut pieces. Sheet feeding requires precise placement and timing through the use of an integrated robot or feeding system, but is also possible on this unit. 

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