Frequently Asked Questions

If you’re buying a machine for the first time, visit our “Presses” main page, and watch our “Which press is right for you?” video. You can also browse additional content on our website on our “Articles” page. Any of the content under our “Resources tab” could also be helpful. 

For Swing-Arm Clicker Presses, it usually only takes about 30 days to build the machine, but we often keep a stock of them in our warehouse. 

Larger presses could take anywhere from 30-45 days to build, but you ought to plan on 60 days total if your preferred unit isn’t in stock. 

Manufacturing is very unpredictable. A lot just depends on how busy we are, how large the press is, and how complicated the customizations are.

We’ll provide you an estimated lead time when we send you your quote.

You may purchase any of our presses using ACH payment, wire transfer, or check (checks will require 3 business days to clear before the machine can be released from our facility).

There will be a $120 fee for any checks that bounce.

We will not take cash, debit, or credit card payments of any kind at this time.

We do not offer financing at this time.

You should make sure you read your user’s manual to find the recommended amount of oil for your machine.

Monitor your oil level every month or two. It should be at least a 1″ inch above the oil filter at all times to avoid accelerated wear, and operation issues with your machine. Top off your oil if it looks low.

A press being operated in a clean environment may not require an oil change for up to 3000 hours. Clean oil means a happy machine.

A press being operated in a dirty or gritty environment could cause earlier thickening or dirtying of the oil, requiring an oil change as regular as every 600 hours.

Whatever the environment, make sure to inspect the oil consistency and color during your monthly oil inspection. If it appears to be thickening or is getting dark, it may be time to change it.

You may use either an AW 46 OR an AW 68 hydraulic oil for this press. You should use an oil that is “ISO” graded.  

“ISO” stands for the International Standards Organization. The number that follows is the Viscosity Grade, ISO VG for short. “AW” stands for Anti-wear.

We recommend cleaning the oil filter at least once every six months. If cleaned regularly and carefully, you may not need to replace the filter for up to 5 years.

If the metal finish appears to be wearing, or oxidizing, it is probably time for a new filter.

ACP can handle the shipping for the customer and guarantee the delivery in upright, undamaged condition. Many customers prefer this method because of previous mishap during the shipment of top-heavy machinery.

The customer may also organize your own shipping, using a company of your own choosing. In this case, the customer assumes all risk for the machine’s safety. 

Our Warranty is the best in the business! Our standard warranty comes with the purchase price of each machine and includes the following coverage:


  • 1 Year coverage on machine parts, components, and electronics
  • 1 Year coverage on all labor required to fix parts, component, and electronics
  • 3 Year manufacturer’s coverage. This covers the cost of any labor involved in fixing major structural failures such as broken welds, fractured or fissured steel, platen or steel bowing due to poor structural support, etc…


The customer may also extend their warranty to “premium coverage” up to 5 years for an additional cost

***Each customer must fill out a“Warranty Initiation” form when installing their press to qualify.

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