Designed for elevated production capabilities and large-format die cutting, our Full Beam Presses are an advanced solution for industrial die cutting. These hydraulic die cutting machines, boasting cutting table areas of 63″ wide and up to 35.5″ deep, with customization extending to 72″ wide and 60″ deep, make them ideal for die press applications requiring precision and efficiency. Our Full Beam Presses offer tonnages from 30 to 300 tons, with custom options for greater cutting force. The hydraulic cutting press employs an Equalink deflection management system that maintains accurate parallelism, ensuring exact cutting results.

Optional universal features are incorporated, such as servo-driven deadstops and pinch rollers, sheet-feed and auto tables, digital cutting height adjustment, and various die clamps, including manual, pneumatic, or servo-driven. The crown feature is the recipe saving functionality of these machines. These features enhance cutting accuracy, material utilization, precision cutting, and offer hands-free die swapping. These hydraulic die press machines are available with optional feed systems, roll stands, and rewinders, tailored to specific applications. 

Whether you’re working with various substrates, textiles, or foam and rubber-based materials, our Full Beam Presses deliver versatile die cutting solutions. From small clicker press applications to large industrial die cutting machine needs, our Full Beam Presses adapt to your production, increasing efficiency and precision.


Auto-Table Beam Press

Ease operator fatigue with the Auto-Table Full Beam Press. This die cutter press allows manual material placement and operation, with automated table shuttling for cutting. Perfect for graphics or trimming applications, it enhances efficiency and reduces manual labor.

Pinch-Roll Beam Press

Take the first step into automation with the Pinch Roller Full Beam Press. Ideal for rolled material cutting, its pinch rollers ensure proper alignment and tension, eliminating bunching and folding. Best with thicker substrates, this cutting press offers a cost-effective entrance to automated die cutting.
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Conveyor Beam Press

Advance your cutting capabilities with the Conveyor Full Beam Press. From rolled material to sheet feeding, this press accommodates all types and thicknesses of substrates. Integrated robots or feeding systems offer precise placement and timing for full automation.

Sheet-Feed Beam Press

Introducing the Sheet-Feed Beam Press, your solution for large-format sheet material cutting in industrial applications. This hydraulic die cutting machine boasts functionality similar to a conveyor but offers a durable cutting board, providing a long-lasting cutting surface.
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Machine Features and Addons

Servo Driven Deadstops for Perfect Cutting Accuracy: Achieve the ultimate precision in every cut with our servo-driven deadstops. This feature ensures that each cut stops exactly at the programmed die height, resulting in delicate cuts and reduced die/cutting board wear. 

Servo Driven Pinch Rollers, Sheet-Feed, and Auto Tables for Precision Material Utilization and Recipe Saving: Our Full Beam Presses offer servo-driven pinch rollers, sheet-feed, and auto tables. These components provide unparalleled control over material movement, enabling optimized cutting spacing tolerances that maximize material utilization. The recipe saving feature allows you to store and recall specific cutting parameters such as advancement distance, table movement, cutting height, rising height, speed transition point, bottom stop time and top stop time, streamlining production runs and reducing setup times. Together, these capabilities contribute to reduced material costs and increased throughput, enhancing overall profitability.

Digital Cutting Height Adjustment for Precision Cutting Without Manual Mold Setting: Achieve consistent cutting quality with our digital cutting height adjustment feature. This technology allows precise control over cutting depth, ensuring uniform pressure across the cutting surface without the need for manual mold adjustments. This allows for a no-setup die swapping experience and the ability to cut up to 3″ thick foam materials. (Thicker foams require further customization).

Die Clamps – Manual, Pneumatic, or Servo Driven Clamps with Hands-Free Die Swapping: Customize your Full Beam Press with manual, pneumatic, or servo-driven die clamps to suit your specific production needs. The servo-driven option offers hands-free die swapping, reducing changeover times and minimizing downtime. By enabling quick and effortless die exchanges, you can rapidly transition between different jobs with minimal fatigue to the operator.


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